Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Language has always come easy to me. I always know what I want to say….I don’t always say the right thing….and often I do regret having spoken out of turn, or said something that might have been taken the wrong way. I do, however, love to make people laugh. I think, honestly, that some of the funniest people I know are definitely the most connected and intelligent people around. If I can make intelligent people laugh with wit and humor, I consider it a good day!

I have been teaching for 25 years. Some of my best memories are in the classroom. I have often told my students, “The smarter you are, the funnier I am.” This saying helps kids who don’t think they are very “smart” realize that humor is definitely a sign of intelligence. I love that we are the only creatures on the planet that can laugh. Laugh out loud. The best memories I have are those belly laughs, the ones that make your sides hurt and the tears roll down your face.

I look for humor everywhere, and surprisingly enough, I find it!. It is often in the most delicate of situations. I remember when my grandfather passed away. My sisters and I were standing around the casket. I looked at my grandfather and suddenly had a déjà vue feeling. When we were little he used to have a nap after supper. He would snore loudly, and then stop. We, as children were transfixed. We often waited, with baited breath, to have him continue breathing at the top end of his snore. Knowing we were hanging over him, he would snap to, open his eyes, and scare the living daily daylights out of us. Standing over the casket, I stood there, expecting his eyes to open and the familiar hope descended….i looked at my sisters……they all knew what I was expecting….I began to giggle…they followed. From the congregation’s view, we looked upset…little did they know!

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